P.O Box 1069 Grovedale Victoria Australia 3216

Phone: 03 5243 3664 Fax: 03 5201 0844 Email:


Ordering supplies from GO is easy and can be done by e-mail , online or fax.

As Geelong Ostomy does not hold any stock, there is a need to order your requirements from the manufacturers to have them available for you each month.

Therefore all orders are to be received by 2.30 pm on/or before closing day.

To E-mail an order please click here.

A PDF version of the GO order form can be downloaded and forwarded to GO by fax or mail.

To order there are a few provisos that have to be followed:

  • You must have an Entitlement Number to access Stoma Appliance Scheme.
  • You must have paid your National Access Fee.
  • You can not have ordered from another association for the same month of supply.
  • All orders that require posting out must be prepaid  (orders will only be posted within Australia)


PLEASE NOTE!! Orders need to be placed before 2.30 PM on the listed day of the Month

November 2019 Orders CloseFriday18th October 2019
December 2019 Orders CloseWednesday20th November 2019
January 2020 Orders CloseWednesday13th December 2019
February 2020 Orders CloseMonday20th January 2020
March 2020 Orders CloseWednesday19th February 2020
April 2020 Orders CloseWednesday18th March 2020
May 2020 Orders CloseMonday20th April 2020
June 2020 Orders CloseWednesday20th May 2020
July 2020 Orders CloseFriday19th June 2020
August 2020 Orders CloseMonday20th July 2020
September 2020 Orders CloseWednesday19th August 2020
October 2020 Orders CloseFriday18th September 2020
November 2020 Orders CloseMonday19th October 2020
December 2020 Orders CloseFriday20th November 2020
December 2021 Orders CloseMonday14 December 2020